Can I Find the Right Hair?

Well, let me start off by saying  that I am a natural for about 3 years now after doing the Semi-Big Chop. Ever since then, I’ve been so interested in what’s really the healthiest thing for my hair, how  to do different hair styles, but most importantly if I made the right decision by leaving the creamy crack behind. Above this paragraph you will see a link of my chart of me searching “Natural Hair Versus Relaxed Hair” on various search engines and meta search engines.

I was actually VERY surprised to see that each search engine was almost identical in their response to this topic. Maybe its not much info on the topic or it could simple be the way I worded it. In the Unit they discussed how just one simple word could throw off your results and actually give you answers to a totally different question.

Nevertheless, the consistency could also be a good thing. You know, kind of making the info a little more concrete.

Well, Thats my spill for the day.



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