Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Welcome to my blog! My name is Maya and Im am ecstatic that you are reading this. If you are here, you must be a part of my Computer Skills for The Information Age calls. And if you aren’t, welcome anyway! I am currently a sophmore at Ga State majoring in Exercise Science with a concetration in Physical Therapy.

I currently use just about every web communicaiton tool covered in Unit 1. Im a heavy abuser of Youtube. I use it for almost everything. I look up DIY’s, music videos, and just random things. Im also a Twitter addict, I literally can’t stay away for a day. It really isn’t anything more to me than just a means to talk about random things with all of my friends at once. Facebook use to be one of my many addictions, but now its a thing of the past. I normally just check every so often to see what birthdays are coming up for past classmates. My email is used much more often now that I am in college. I receive emails from my ROTC classmates and I also converse with my professors about assignments and other things. I use video conferencing through skype and video phone calls through facetime very often. Most of my friends are in the military literally all across the world, so its much more easier to be able to talk to them through there. I would love to know how to use Wikis and Folksonomies more . Im familiar with wikipedia but not on how to start up a wiki , if that makes any sense.


Well, That’s my spill for the day.

Thanks for Reading.



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